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10:30 AM – 11 PM

Gasworks Plaza, 76 Skyring Tce, Newstead 4006

Phone: (07) 3257 7225

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Peng You China Kitchen and Bar takes a modern stance on traditional Asian dining, having opened its doors at Gasworks Plaza on November 16, 2013.

Taking cues from an ancient era but flecked with vibrant, contemporary touches, Peng You introduces something unique to Brisbane in both its food and fit-out.

Guests find themselves between past and present China, with the artwork combining an old-world era with a feeling of warmth, welcoming and family.

Asian-style dining is traditionally a shared experience and Peng You have brought this into a present-day setting, featuring items such as Taiwanese street-style fried chicken and jellyfish with poached chicken salad.

The drinks menu is a carefully selected list of beers, wines and spirits plus a number of Asian-inspired cocktails offered in jugs to share. Unique to their bar is Peng You’s own brand of wine, beer and cider brewed locally in Cleveland and Stanthorpe, as well as a first for Brisbane – both red and white wine on tap!

Peng You encourages a fun and a social atmosphere where people can gather around food and drinks and enjoy themselves. Guests can come in for a relaxed dinner, order a quick lunch or simply sit at the bar or out the front and people-watch with a cold beer or glass of wine.

Peng You creates a setting that is casual, fun and social, but with a food and drinks offering that is deeply rooted in authentic Chinese cuisine.

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Peng You China Kitchen and Bar is deeply rooted in family and it is the people behind this restaurant at Gasworks Plaza who carry the ethos of shared dining and tradition.

For her second Brisbane venture, Joyce Chiu of Obssession Chinese at South Bank encouraged her son David Hung to take the reins and together, have successfully fused a modern, fresh approach with traditional Chinese food.


David Hung

David started out his career in the legal profession but it was his destiny to one day, run his own restaurant, having grown up in a family with a passion for good food and hospitality.

It was after his first dining-out experience in an Australian restaurant in 1992 that David realised food cultures could be so different – placing two steaks, a piece of chicken and salad in the middle of the table garnered strange looks from neighbouring diners.

This shared-style of eating is something David and his family love – it’s a fun way to eat and enables you to try a little bit of everything, keeping it interesting. It also brings people together over something everyone enjoys.

Coming from a culture where people love to share their food, and with such strong ties to hospitality, David wanted to create an atmosphere at Peng You that encouraged people to bond over food, much like he had experienced growing up.

The food ethos at Peng You is exactly this – sharing with others and bringing this traditional way of dining into a modern setting. A fusion between the old and the new, Peng You brings the best of two cultures together.

David’s youth brings a modern, fresh approach to Chinese food well-suited to today’s casual dining and bar scene.

Joyce Chiu

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before spending 12 years in Hong Kong, Joyce has an experienced palate when it comes to Asian food and a history with hospitality.

Making the move to Australia in 1992, Joyce opened her first restaurant in Perth before making the move to New South Wales and continuing in the restaurant business. In 2002 Joyce and her family moved to Brisbane and opened Obsession Chinese in South Bank, which continues to be successful today.

Peng You is the next step on Joyce’s journey, bringing a more modern approach to Chinese cuisine while still maintaining traditional tastes.

With over twenty years in the restaurant business, Joyce’s expertise and passion is combined with David’s energy and ambition to bring a fresh approach to modern Chinese dining.

Joyce doesn’t take a back seat and you’ll often find her in the kitchen next to the head chef, or by your table making sure your belly’s full!



Peng You China Kitchen and Bar caters to small groups, large groups, sit-down dinner celebrations and cocktail-style functions.

Book a long table or rent out the entire mezzanine level – Peng You is designed for groups of all sizes.

Order from the current menu or ask us to put together a special menu to suit your function.

Call us on 07 3257 7225 or send an email to

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or call (07) 3257 7225

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Find us directly across from the Gasworks frame between Buzz and Max Brenner.

 A: Gasworks Plaza 76 Skyring Tce, Newstead, Queensland 4006
 T: 07 3257 7225

We are open 7 days from 10:30am to 11pm

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Email to reserve a table/function 
or call (07) 3257 7225


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